Highland Sword (Mystical Highlands #1)

by Ruth Ryan Langan

3.50 · 2 ratings · Published: Nov 2nd, 2003  | 

Highland Sword by Ruth Ryan Langan
A Witch, A Warrior And The Wilds Of Scotland...!

’Twas like a quest out of legend, Merrick MacAndrew knew, but he would risk anything to save his dying son - even kidnapping Allegra Drummond, whose mystical healing talents ran apace with her power to set his heart ablaze!

What enchantment, this? A giant of a Highland lord had torn Allegra Drummond from idyllic seclusion to do his bidding! No matter that his reasons were noble, rousing her compassion and concern. Merrick MacAndrew had used a life-transforming magic of his own, to bind her to him forever - heart, body and soul!

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Highland Sword by Ruth Ryan Langan