Riders On the Storm (Tsunami Blue #2)

by Gayle Ann Williams

4.00 · 2 ratings · Published: Mar 13th, 2012  | 

Riders On the Storm by Gayle Ann Williams

He deftly swoops in on his glider like a whisper on the wind. Next thing she knows, Sage Pasco is irrevocably bound to this stranger with deep cobalt eyes. He says he needs her help. It’s a common plea for Sage, gifted with an uncanny ability to track and find people - a skill highly coveted in a world that’s been reduced to a string of islands by monster tsunamis.

Though she doesn’t quite trust him, Sage needs him too. The waves have calmed, but the winds are rising and no one is safe - including her little sister, now a captive of vicious air pirates. Sage can track the girl down, yet rescue is a whole other matter. With danger at every turn, she’ll have to rely on her mysterious partner to navigate these decidedly unfriendly skies. Because if they don’t work together, they’ll both crash and burn.

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Riders On the Storm by Gayle Ann Williams