At Heaven's Door (Barrington Family Saga #3)

Anita Stansfield

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4.02 ·
[?] · 12 ratings · Published: 01 Jan 2007

At Heaven's Door by Anita Stansfield
Volume three in the Barrington Family Saga by renowned LDS author Anita Stansfield.

Eleanore, my dear friend, . . . It is with a heavy heart that I pen this letter, not certain when or how I will mail it. We are among the last to be leaving Nauvoo. . . . We’ve had our provisions ready, but our youngest has not been well and we’ve hesitated . . . We should have left with the early companies. Tears that I have fought bravely are now refusing to hold back as I share my deepest sorrows with you. . . . The peace of Nauvoo is completely gone. . . . The worst has happened . . . we were forced to surrender our city and our temple.

As Eleanore and James Barrington fear for the well-beingand even the lives of dear friends, they struggle with the frustrating yet undeniable truth that for reasons known only to the Lord, He does not yet want them to join the Saints on their westward trek. However, they will soon face their own frightening challenges in Iowa that will not only test their faith, but will threaten to tear the very fabric of their lives apart. In this breathtaking new volume of the Barrington Family Saga, renowned LDS author Anita Stansfield once again takes her readers on a grippingly emotional and spiritual journey. At Heaven’s Door is a compelling and richly satisfying read—a feast for the heart and soul.
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