Hunting Truth (Orion the Hunter #4)

by J.D. Chase

3.88 · 8 ratings · Published: Jan 29th, 2014  | 

Hunting Truth by J.D. Chase
Hunting Truth is the much anticipated fourth and final installment of the kindle top 10 erotica fiction Orion the Hunter series.

Issy Price wakes in a strange bed after walking out on her man, Lucas Hunter, after she is paid a visit by a malevolent stranger who brings news that shocks her to the core. It seems that Lucas Hunter is not the man he said he was. Can she forgive him for the events that led to her walking out on him? Maybe everything isn't as it seems.

In Hunting Truth, we learn more about Lucas' past that could impact massively on his present ... it could even destroy his future. Lucas' past has well and truly caught up with him. Actions from the past and his need to hunt down and seek revenge could lead to Lucas losing all that he's worked for. Has he inadvertently brought about his own destruction?

The rock band, Denial, seemed destined for greater things. The hard won tour and possibility of a record contract were theirs for the taking. Surely the past can't wreak havoc on that too.

And what's a sex club got to do with it all? It brings out the darker side of an unlikely person for starters!

Can the relationship between Lucas and Issy survive the pressure? Or is the deep, blood-spilled revenge from the past too strong? That decision may just be taken out of their hands ...

Caution: this book contains scenes of a sensual and sexual nature, including mild BDSM.

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Hunting Truth by J.D. Chase