Hear Me Now (Count on Me #2)

by Melyssa Winchester

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Hear Me Now by Melyssa Winchester
**This is the second book in the Count On Me series of novels but can be read as a standalone as it features different main characters**

There are people that believe because you may not appear the way they do, you’re somehow weaker or less worthy than they are.

I’m living proof they’re wrong.

For as long as I can remember I've been treated differently because I'm deaf.

What people don’t realize, is just because I can’t hear the things they say, doesn't mean I don’t feel the pain that comes from their words and actions.

I’m more than just a girl that can’t hear and I've never been more determined to prove it now that I've ended up here.

Wexfield High School.

I know what goes on here and I know even more about the guy who makes it all happen.

Dillon Murphy is trouble with a capital T. He goes out of his way to hurt those he perceives to be weaker than him and does it with a smile. What he doesn't realize is that his tricks, they won’t work on me because I know his secret.

As I’m finding out, there’s a lot more to Dillon then he wants the world to see and before my time here is up, I’m determined to make him see it, even if it costs me my heart in the process.

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Hear Me Now by Melyssa Winchester