Center of Gravity (Marauders #3)

Lina Andersson

3.55 ·
[?] · 13 ratings · Published: 22 Nov 2014

Center of Gravity by Lina Andersson
Anna’s goal in life had been set when she was ten years old: she was going to become a principal dancer at the New York City Ballet, and she made it. Her entire life revolved around dancing, and she loved every second of it. But after a split-second lapse of attention, she lost it all.

Now, with a heart as broken as her leg, she agrees to follow her aunt Irina back home—to Greenville, Arizona.

Mitch lived family life vicariously through his older brother, Mac, and even if he envied Mac’s devotion to his wife, he’d never even been close to feeling anything similar to a woman, and he wasn’t looking for it, either. When their friend Lisa asks him to show her friend Anna a good time, he’s very intrigued about the possibilities a flexible ballerina would present.

Then he gets to truly know her, and that’s when things become complicated.
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