Untitled (The Queen's Thief #6)

by Megan Whalen Turner

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Untitled by Megan Whalen Turner
http://hipwritermama.blogspot.com/200... :

"HWM: Will [A conspiracy of Kings] be the final book in the series?
Megan Whalen Turner: Oh, no. There should be two more books after this one."

http://enchantedinkpot.livejournal.co... :

"So, Megan, you've said elsewhere that there will be two more books in your series about Gen and his world (yay!). Is there anything not-particularly-spoilery but interesting that you can tell us about them?

How about...there are elephants? Not in the next book, but in the one after that...someone who shall remain nameless foolishly thinks he can intimidate Eugenides with an elephant and all Gen thinks is, 'How can I steal one of those?' "

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Untitled by Megan Whalen Turner