What's Meant To Be (Westport high #1)

by Kels Barnholdt

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What's Meant To Be by Kels Barnholdt
Ashley Livingston is in trouble. It’s the first day of her junior year, and she has a way bigger problem than normal first day jitters. That’s because over the summer Ashley and her family ended up vacationing in the same place as one of the most popular boys in school, Austin Givens. Ashley and Austin got super close, sharing late night talks, cool drinks by the pool, and solo outings that lasted all day long. Sounds perfect, right? Wrong. Since Ashley arrived home, Austin’s barely been talking to her. Okay, fine, he’s been totally ignoring her. No text messages. No phone calls. Not even a facebook comment.

Ashley’s upset, but whatever. She pushes her feelings for Austin to the back of her mind, deletes the vacation pics from her digital camera, and forces herself to move on. Out of sight, out of mind, right? But now it’s the first day of school, and there’s no way Austin and Ashley can hide from each other. Will Austin be able to explain himself or will Ashley realize he’s not the guy she once thought? Find out in Kels Barnholdt’s debut novella What’s Meant to Be

***What’s Meant to Be is approximately 10,000 words***

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What's Meant To Be by Kels Barnholdt