A Thousand Lies

by Sharon Sala

4.13 · 8 ratings · Published: Jun 22nd, 2013  | 

A Thousand Lies by Sharon Sala
Evil comes in all shapes and sizes, but seems more deadly when hidden in physical beauty.

Anson Poe hides behind a handsome face as he wreaks havoc upon those around him. Nothing touches his heart but power and greed; not the woman he married, or the four children they share.

Brendan Poe shares his father's stunning looks while trying to live down the shame. He does everything he can to stay out of Anson's world of crime until one hot Louisiana summer when he can no longer look away..

When the women who matter most in Brendan's world become pawns in Anson's need for revenge, he strikes back with a blinding rage, leaving Anson with the options of fight or flight.

Will he run, or will he stay.
Will he live to lie another day?

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  • contemporary 5
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A Thousand Lies by Sharon Sala