Elsie's True Love (A Life of Faith: Elsie Dinsmore #5)

by Martha Finley

4.25 · 8 ratings · Published: Oct 1st, 2000  | 

Elsie's True Love by Martha Finley
'It was not true love,' Elsie managed to say. 'It was all deception. A man in whom I believed had nothing but greed in his heart, yet I couldn't see the truth. He is in prison now, for theft and defrauding another unsuspecting person.' Unbidden tears welled in Elsie's eyes, and she cried out. 'Oh, Mrs. Murray, how can I ever trust my feelings again? How can I ever know the difference between love that is true and what is false?' Elsie's experiences with a cunning charlatan have led her to doubt herself, and not even two years in the royal courts and stately homes of Europe have completely healed her wounded heart. But Elsie is now twenty-one and about to return to her homeland. Will she abandon all her dreams of finding true love? Can anyone overcome her memories of the treacherous Bromly Edgerton? Will she recognize the face of true love? In this fifth book of the Elsie Dinsmore: A Life of Faith series, readers will follow the charming heroine on a crucial, life-changing journey. Along the way, she will return to the place of her birth, meet old friends and new, and encounter difficulties and dangers that challenge her strong sense of right and wrong. Adapted from the 19th century novels by Martha Finley, Elsie's True Love is a story sure to thrill everyone who believes in the power of love.

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Elsie's True Love by Martha Finley