Burke, The Kingpin (The Shamrock Trinity, #3)

by Fayrene Preston

4.00 · 2 ratings · Published: Oct 1st, 1986  | 

Burke, The Kingpin by Fayrene Preston
Cara Winston appeared as a fantasy, racing on horseback to catch the day's last light -- her silver hair glistening, her dress the color of the Arizona sunset...and Burke Delaney wanted her. She was on his horse, on his land: she would have to belong to him too. But Cara was quicksilver, impossible to hold, a wild creature whose scent was midnight flowers and sweet grass. Burke had always taken what he wanted, by willing it or fighting for it; Cara cherished her freedom and refused to believe his love would last. Could he make her see he'd captured her to have and hold forever?

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  • regency 5
  • historical 5
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Burke, The Kingpin by Fayrene Preston