Winter Love (Seasons of Love #3)

by Merri Hiatt

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Winter Love by Merri Hiatt
WINTER LOVE (Seasons of Love Series)
Winter Montgomery has been a tomboy as long as she can remember. Working as a mechanic at Charlie's Garage hasn't helped her shed the title. From the moment Rory Walters pulls his custom convertible into the bay, she dislikes the man. He is over-confident, filthy rich and has a swagger that sets her teeth on edge. If he didn't have the sexiest deep blue eyes, she'd almost be able to forget him. Almost.

Books in the Seasons of Love Series may be read in any order.


SUMMER LOVE (Seasons of Love Series) - AVAILABLE NOW!
Summer Lansing is used to reading about love in books, keeping her at a safe distance from heartbreak. Mike Duncan doesn't know the meaning of the word safe. He's spontaneous and thrives on taking risks. When the duo cross paths, searing kisses soon follow and Summer finds a real-world passion she never knew existed. The first two chapters of Autumn Love are included at the end of this e-book.

AUTUMN LOVE (Seasons of Love Series)
Autumn Fieldstone works as a receptionist at a radio studio during the day, singing at weddings, birthday parties and any paying gig she can get during her off hours. When she enters a country singing contest, putting her in direct competition with the love of her life, she finds out love and music don't always mix. The first two chapters of Summer Love are included at the end of this e-book.

SPRING LOVE (Seasons of Love Series)
Spring McDonald is an observer. While she’s active in behind-the-scenes church activities, she finds it easier to blend into the wallpaper than draw attention to herself. Having Rheumatoid Arthritis at the age of nineteen altered her dreams. An unexpected encounter brings hope that maybe one of her dreams can come true, finding someone who looks past her illness to discover the woman that lies within.

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Winter Love by Merri Hiatt