Ambassador (The Young Ancients #4)

by P.S. Power

3.93 · 10 ratings · Published: Mar 13th, 2012  | 

Ambassador by P.S. Power
The story continues.

In the nonstop action that is Tor Bakers new world, you'd think everyone would recognize that there's simply no time for a break. What with Larval assassins trying to kill him, stopping a civil war and now a new attack from Austra just to round things out.

But the Royal family and the Council of Counts doesn't see it that way.
After a few little traumatic and hectic events, they all agree that what Tor really needs is to relax and have some fun.

But, as always, someone else seems to have a different plan for him.

A very different plan indeed.

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  • fantasy 5
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Ambassador by P.S. Power