Sweeter Temptation (Temptation #2)

by Phyllis Bourne

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Sweeter Temptation by Phyllis Bourne
An Irresistible Enemy 

When a fierce blizzard wreaks havoc on the small town of Candy, Ohio, Nia King isn't sure she will ever make it home. She is frozen and breathless and almost there when she discovers a gorgeous, intense stranger stranded by the roadside. This guy—whom she knows as just Kyle—is the stuff romantic fantasies are made of. Sweet secretary Nia would never entertain the idea of a one-night stand. But after two days housebound with the dark-eyed Adonis, nature begins to take its course. 

Of all the farmhouses to get stuck at! Kyle Ellison cannot believe he has just had the lovemaking of a lifetime with the woman whose life he has come to ruin. He had no idea that Nia has been trying to save the small town's candy factory—the factory he has come to shut down. The hard-playing corporate executive cannot surrender to sentimentality. But the lingering taste of Nia's sweet kisses have made him hungry for more….

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Sweeter Temptation by Phyllis Bourne