Gentleman in Paradise (Candlelight Ecstasy, #10)

by Harper McBride

4.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Mar 1st, 1981  | 

Gentleman in Paradise by Harper McBride
"Stop! Oh, please, stop!" she sobbed. A primitive and strangely beautiful fire licked through her veins, and a painful yearning seared her body.

Buffy Vallentine had just won a sensational victory at the Bahamas Invitational Tennis Tournament. But from the moment she had stepped off the court in triumph, nothing had gone right.

And now here she was, marooned on a luxurious private island with Max Shepherd... Max, who sent her blood racing... Max, who treated her like a silly child. Had his sophistication, his good looks, his commanding presence, made her lose her senses? Did he love her or had passion sent her spinning wildly out of control?

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Gentleman in Paradise by Harper McBride