The Bet

by V.R. Dunlap

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The Bet by V.R. Dunlap
When Jenny's best friend Robert challenges her to prove that her Romance novels are realistic, she knows she can win the bet, but can she win his heart as well?

For Adults Only - This short story (over 3500 words) is loaded with, hot, graphic sex and is intended only for adults over the age of 18.

From the Book:
“Not only am I going to try to do this,” she said as she turned around. “You are going to enjoy it so much that you aren't going to want me to stop.”
“Oh really?” he said with a laugh.
She turned around and smiled. She was going to make him regret he ever challenged her. Slowly, she leaned forward until her lips nearly touched his ear. Then she whispered softly, “Yes, really,” her breath blowing gently along his neck.
He stood his ground and didn't respond but she could see that she was having an effect on him. Already his breathing was getting faster and his silly grin was gone as he watched her intently. She moved a bit closer and let her breasts brush against his chest. She felt her nipples harden under her shirt and saw him take a quick breath.
“I think this will be easy,” she said as she moved even closer. She could smell his skin now and she found herself wondering just what he would taste like. In all the time they had known each other she had never had the nerve to kiss him. For some reason though, the fact that she was defending herself made her more brazen than normal. After all, she could always stop things before they went too far, but not before she made him crazy.

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The Bet by V.R. Dunlap