Broken Road

by Elizabeth Yu-Gesualdi

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Broken Road by Elizabeth Yu-Gesualdi
Jarrod Wentworth is a handsome and athletic eighteen-year-old who is on the path to a wonderful and fulfilling life. But when a horrific car accident takes the life of his best friend and leaves him badly injured, his life will never be the same. With physical injuries that are so severely disabling that his dream of playing professional baseball is all but extinguished, he begins to spiral into emotional turmoil.

In the depths of despair, Jarrod can’t seem to climb out of his depression, even as his body begins to heal. That is until he meets Angelise Skyler. Like a light from heaven, Angel, as he likes to call her, brings clarity, strength, and love back to Jarrod’s life, all while steering him back toward the path to a better life. But when Angel is taken from him, Jarrod will stop at nothing to bring her back safely. Forced into a desperate search through a menacing web of danger, Jarrod is led further into the unknown than he ever thought possible. But for Angel he’ll do anything, because he knows how lost he was before he met her, and more importantly, because she taught him that through love, faith, and perseverance, you can always find a way off the broken road.

Jarrod and Angelise’s dramatic yet tender story in Broken Road is one that illustrates how important and encompassing love can be. Jarrod’s rise from the depths of depression at the hands of Angelise proves to be equally heartwarming and inspiring. Yet it’s the extremes that Jarrod will go to rescue his Angel that readers are truly shown the appreciation, devotion, and perseverance that he possesses inside. With rage and agonizing despair over losing his saving grace, Jarrod’s heroic efforts to bring her back make for a truly gripping experience. Its drama, despair, romance, and Jarrod’s inspiring ascension back from depression make this enchanting novel by Elizabeth Yu-Gesualdi possess a little something for everyone to appreciate and enjoy.

Broken Road is a captivating romantic fiction novel that emphasizes the importance of faith, love, and perseverance. Geared towards a more mature young adult audience, the novel doesn’t hesitate to broach heavier themes than most other novels in the young adult genre. Filled with as much drama as romance, this engaging story has a crossover appeal that defies classification, and readers of all types will be hooked from the very beginning.

Broken Road is Yu-Gesualdi’s debut novel. Originally from New Jersey, Yu-Gesualdi moved to Connecticut in 2005. For the past sixteen years, she has been a stay at home mother for her two sons, Jarrod and Alec. Shockingly, outside of an A+ in high school creative writing, her captivating debut novel is her first writing experience. She currently lives in Connecticut with her husband, David, and their two children.

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Broken Road by Elizabeth Yu-Gesualdi