Forever With You (Silver State Series)

by Renae Kelleigh

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Forever With You (Silver State Series) by Renae Kelleigh
I'm only nineteen, but already I've had my fair share of struggles in this life. Dating boys, or even just KISSING them, was something I simply hadn't gotten around to. And honestly, even after finally leaving home, jumping into some version of romance still wasn't among my top priorities. That was, of course, before Kyle Freeman came back into my life. His idea of a relationship may not exactly align with mine, but we can work around that, right? For the first time, I'm giving some serious thought to breaking a few of my unspoken rules...

I'm sure there are a lot of viable theories that could explain the root cause of my aversion to relationships (aside from the Biblical variety, that is). Too bad I've never had much interest in exploring the why's and how's of that particular aspect of my psyche. But then came Tawny Read. Now, suddenly, I have much bigger concerns than which parties are likely to have the highest girl-to-guy ratios - like convincing Tawny that I'm capable of being good enough for her, for example...
Contains mature adult themes, including strong language and explicit sexuality.

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Forever With You (Silver State Series) by Renae Kelleigh