Texas Wedding (Celebrations, Inc #1)

by Nancy Robards Thompson

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Texas Wedding by Nancy Robards Thompson
The groom came… C.O.D.?

Well, maybe not exactly. But just when unlucky-in-love AJ (that's Agnes Jane to you!) had decided that she was going to focus on her career as a caterer and keep her mind off men, that's when fate sent her a delivery she couldn't ignore. In the form of Sergeant Shane Harrison, bearer of French chocolates, and newly arrived for a short-term project. And though clearly the good sergeant was as attracted to the lovely caterer as she was to him, Shane made it clear that when his job was done, he was outta there….

So now AJ has a project of her own — convincing the handsome footloose soldier that though he'd planned to breeze through town on his way to his next adventure, falling in love is the biggest adventure of all!

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Texas Wedding by Nancy Robards Thompson