Any Soldier

by Robert Lubrican

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Any Soldier by Robert Lubrican
Second grade teacher Julia Miller thought it would be a good civics lesson to have her students write "Any Soldier" letters and send them off to Iraq. She had no idea that both she and her class would form an attachment for Staff Sergeant Robert Hickory, when he answered those letters, That attachment grew stronger and stronger as more letters were exchanged, until suddenly, one day, he stopped writing back.
Unable to find out why his letters stopped, she turned to the Army for help. Unable to get help from the Army, she took matters in her own hands and went to find him.
Her journey would require her to pretend to be someone she was not and lie to the Army. What she found was a wounded warrior, missing a leg and much of his memory. It was hard on them both, but it was worth it, because when she found him ... she found love as well.

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Any Soldier by Robert Lubrican