Wyt and Wild (Sector Guard #7)

by Viola Grace

4.00 · 3 ratings · Published: Jul 1st, 2010  | 

Wyt and Wild by Viola Grace
Alessandra Wyt has been hooked to computers for the majority of her tenure in the Alliance for her talented intuition, but when an opportunity for reassignment to the Sector Guard came up, she jumped at the chance, so to speak. With her mind unable to handle space travel, she is shipped unconscious across the galaxy. The odds of her ship being damaged and her pod being ejected are astronomical, but she does not have time to do the math on her way down to the uninhabited world beneath her.

Waking in the arms of a strange man is also something she hadn't counted on, but Effin is just the person to rescue the damsel and fight off the predators who see her as an easy snack. With his skills as a hunter, he can find her in the dark, and damned if she doesn't want him to.

Effin is sure of only one thing, if his woman is headed to the Sector Guard, then he is signing up.

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Wyt and Wild by Viola Grace