Down from the Clouds (Unspoken #2)

by Marilyn Grey

4.17 · 6 ratings · Published: Aug 9th, 2013  | 

Down from the Clouds by Marilyn Grey
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Gavin Kessler is one of the most sensitive and emotional people you'd ever know, except you'd never know it. Trying to find out how he feels is like pulling a one-hundred pound bucket of water out of a seventy foot well. But when he finally falls in love and meets the woman of his dreams, who is set on getting to know every part of him, for better or worse, his walls crumble as he is forced to stand face-to-face with the past he's been avoiding.

Continue the stories of your favorite characters from Where Love Finds You in this sequel written from Gavin s perspective.

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  • contemporary 5
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Down from the Clouds by Marilyn Grey