Touch Of Laughter

by Jeanne Bowman

3.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Jan 1st, 1963  | 

Touch Of Laughter by Jeanne Bowman
What is lovely, intelligent Elaine Dougherty doing at the Fairlee estate disguised as a homely, not-too-bright maid? For that matter, what is handsome rising young attorney Harland Hammon doing there posing as a chauffeur? Ellie, daughter of private investigator Patrick Dougherty, is looking into reports of "strange goings on" that have neighbors suspecting that old Louisa Fairlee is crazy. Ham has been sent by his uncle, Mrs. Fairlee's lawyer, to find out if the old lady is really incapable of handling her own affairs - as her nephew and his wife claim. The "maid" and the "chauffeur" immediately sense something not quite right about each other - just as the sense that something isn't right at Fairlee. But neither can uncover the truth until love exposes their masquerade...

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Touch Of Laughter by Jeanne Bowman