Above the Clouds

by Linda Hudson-Smith

4.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Mar 1st, 2005  | 

Above the Clouds by Linda Hudson-Smith
Flight attendant Nikkola Knight has had the hots for sinfully sexy airline captain Latham Scott for as long as she can remember. Because Latham was once romantically involved with one of their colleagues Carmen Thomas, she's kept her feelings a secret. But when she unexpectedly becomes the center of Latham's passionate desires, Nikkola believes she is his rebound woman. Keeping her heart, secure, she decides she and Latham can be just friends, but as they began to spend more time together enjoying Washington D.C.'s dazzling monuments and partying in London's sizzling nightlife, they slowly fall in love. Just after Nikkola has been hit with the Cupid's arrow, Carmen announces she's pregnant with Latham's baby. She asks Nikkola to step aside so that she, Latham and the baby can be a family. Nikkola is devastated, but she agrees even though it breaks her heart. Understandably vulnerable. Nikkola falls into the arms of another man to comfort her aching heart, but when rumors spread that Carmen may not be pregnant, Nikkola is forced to choose between leading a life of stability with a man she likes or following her heart and pursuing the rocky road of love with the man she adores.

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Above the Clouds by Linda Hudson-Smith