Amazing Love

by K. Dawn Byrd

4.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Oct 23rd, 2012  | 

Amazing Love by K. Dawn Byrd
Amazing Love is a contemporary version of the Hosea and Gomer story from the Bible. Gabe Knight, a pastor in a small coastal town, finds his life is turned upside down when Dee Dillow arrives and hires him to remodel an estate she's inherited from her aunt. Dee dashes his plans for wedded bliss when on a drunken binge, she divulges that she's the highest paid call girl in Nevada and part-owner of the ritziest brothel in the state. Gabe falls in love with her, but can't believe he's hearing the voice of God when a still, small voice tells him to marry her. After much questioning, they marry and he is deliriously happy. Until, Dee betrays him. Gabe soon discovers just how hard it is to have the unconditional love God calls him to have for his wife, the kind of love God has for his children. When faced with losing her, Gabe realizes what true love is, how much it hurts, and just how much God loves and is willing to sacrifice for his children.

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  • suspense 5
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Amazing Love by K. Dawn Byrd