Road Trip Reunion (Thousand Mile Love Story #1)

by Natalie Vivien

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Road Trip Reunion by Natalie Vivien
Would you take a thousand-mile road trip with your best friends…and the ex-girlfriend who broke your heart?

Meet Andee Shaw. Over a decade ago, her heart was broken by a devastatingly beautiful woman--the woman she thought she’d spend the rest of her life with. Now, ten years later, she’s still trying to rebuild her life, and she’d like to think she’s over the heartbreak—more or less.

But Elizabeth and Heather, two of her oldest friends, are getting married. And they have a request. They want the old gang from college to take the “infamous road trip” that they talked about, all those years ago. Their not so secret goal is for Andee and her ex, Robin, to patch things up before the wedding where they’ll all be bridesmaids.

Andee agrees, against every one of her better judgments. And the four best friends hop in a green convertible and begin the thousand-mile road trip that Andee isn’t quite sure she’ll survive.

That is, until she starts falling in love with Robin, all over again.

"Road Trip Reunion" is the first romantic novella in "The Thousand Mile Love Story" series, about two women who reconnect, forgive and forget and love again; and the funny mishaps a thousand-mile road trip can bring. It is approximately 24,000 words long (several hours of reading or so).

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Road Trip Reunion by Natalie Vivien