Poor Little Rich Girl

by Gail Dayton

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Poor Little Rich Girl by Gail Dayton
Kurt Collier wants plain Juliana Nyland for her social connections to just about everybody in Palm Beach. When he learns of her father’s plans to–well, to sell her to the highest bidder–his white knight instincts are aroused. But when he meets her, all he wants is to claim Juliana’s serenity for his own. If only he knew how to make her want to stay…

Juliana knows a Golden Man like Kurt would never want anyone like her, not without a little something-something (like her mother’s family business) to sweeten the pot. She’s pale and awkward and far from glamorous, but if she can just have him for a little while… Maybe it will be enough to create a lifetime’s memories.

Can Kurt and Juliana create something real out of a 21st Century marriage of convenience?

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Poor Little Rich Girl by Gail Dayton