After 25 Years (The Almost Genuine Texts #1)

by Natasha Jordache

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After 25 Years by Natasha Jordache
An extraordinary novel based on the texts of lovers who meet 25 years after breaking up – and realise they are still in love.

“In 2011, in real life, an ex-boyfriend came back to find me. A candlelit dinner later, our lives had changed: the connection was instant and the chemistry as electrifying as ever. It sounds simple, but it wasn't. He was getting divorced, in emotional torment and broke; I was happily married to a man I adored; both of us had young children; and we lived nearly three hours’ drive from one another.” Natasha Jordache

AFTER 25 YEARS is a love story with a difference.

In the first book of a potential trilogy, married author Natasha Jordache has taken the genuine texts she exchanged with a former lover and adroitly transformed reality - where lines were drawn - into a minute-by-minute 'factional' diary of a burgeoning, passionate and scorchingly sexy affair.

Tom and Charlotte’s communications offer a unique, organic, funny, sad and highly erotic account of an emerging love triangle with a surprise honesty element. You see, Cha's husband knows everything. Well, almost.

This is a novel for anyone who believes in the power of love and hope. For anyone who's remembered an old flame and wondered 'what if?'. For anyone who's contemplated an affair. For anyone who's appalled by adultery and believes it's always morally reprehensible. For anyone undergoing a midlife crisis. And for anyone who will enjoy following the complexities and challenges of a 21st century contemporary romance where the mobile phone replaces a scented billet-doux.

You won't be able to put it down. It will make a voyeur of you.

AFTER 25 YEARS is sexually explicit and unsuitable for under 18s.

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After 25 Years by Natasha Jordache