Poker Face: Part Two (Poker Face #2)

by Adriana Law

4.00 · 4 ratings · Published: Jan 1st, 2013  | 

Poker Face: Part Two by Adriana Law
Megan always thought he would come after her. When he didn’t, it broke her heart and destroyed her trust. Only a fool would willingly open themselves up again to someone so cold and incapable of love.

Life has taught Drew that needing will only lead to disappointment. After rejecting her and forcing her out of his life Drew needs Megan now more than ever to pick up the pieces of his shattered existence.

But Megan has her own shattered existence to deal with. Engaged to a decent, kind man and surviving one of the hardest tests of faith in her life Megan is in no position to play a fool with her heart. But Drew has only one agenda and that is to call Megan's bluff. Laying out all his cards he relies on their undeniable connection to reignite their passion and prove to Megan that he can love her wholly and be what she needs.

Note from Author: This is part two in a series. It is not intended to be a standalone. Recommended for ages eighteen and up due to language and sexual content.

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Poker Face: Part Two by Adriana Law