Lucky Bunny

by Jill Dawson

3.50 · 4 ratings · Published: Oct 30th, 2012  | 

Lucky Bunny by Jill Dawson
Daring, clever, and alluring, Queenie Dove has spent a lifetime developing the skills of an accomplished thief. Born into a criminal family in London's East End during the Great Depression, and trained by a group of women shoplifters during the Blitz, Queenie soon graduates from petty street crime to far more lucrative heists and the seedy glamour of the city's underworld. But giving birth to a daughter will make Queenie finally try to go straight . . . until the opportunity to take part in one last, audacious robbery tempts her back to the life of danger and excitement she once lived to the fullest.

Told in Queenie's captivating and singular voice, Lucky Bunny is a richly colorful tale of trickery, adventure, and heart.

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Lucky Bunny by Jill Dawson