Nelson In Command (McKade Brothers #2)

by Marin Thomas

4.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Jan 9th, 2007  | 

Nelson In Command by Marin Thomas
Nelson McKade was a Fortune 500 CEO--until his eccentric grandfather decided he needed to learn humility. Now the Chicago power broker is knee-deep in the manure of a small dairy operation set to go "udders" up any day. The owner of the farm is something else. Even though the gorgeous Widow Tanner is in over her head--business is slow "and" she's single-handedly raising a rebellious teenage son--she won't tolerate sass from the hired help.

Taking orders from a set of flying pigtails almost kills Nelson, and he's ready to choke on the words "Yes, ma'am." But button his lip he will. He's got a few masculine wiles in mind to get his feisty boss to see things his way... .

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  • humor 5
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Nelson In Command by Marin Thomas