by M.J. Lawless

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Rocks by M.J. Lawless
If there's one thing Karla Pietersen loves more than sex, it's diamonds - and she knows how to use all her charms to get what she wants. The Wallenstein diamond is the ideal match for an intrepid con artist, as perfect as Karla herself, and she has devised a cunning scheme to make it hers.

Unfortunately for Karla she's not the only one with her sights set on the Wallenstein. Charismatic Hayden Carter enjoys stealing other men's riches as much as he enjoys stealing other women's hearts, and his own plan to possess a flawless gemstone is not going to be hindered by a woman's ambition. Nor is Hayden the type of man to fall for Karla's usual tricks - if anything, he intends to take more than the purloined diamond.

Yet when the original owners of the Wallenstein hire a hitman to track down what is theirs, Karla and Hayden find themselves thrown together in the bizarrest of circumstances. And when their passions are stimulated by more than wealth they discover that maybe it's not only diamonds that last forever.

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Rocks by M.J. Lawless