Safe With Me (Safe With Me #5)

by Shaina Richmond

4.00 · 6 ratings · Published: Apr 29th, 2013  | 

Safe With Me by Shaina Richmond
Themes: Graphic sex, intense emotions, flawed characters, jealous hero, illegal drug use, anti-heroine, promiscuous behavior.

When Tyler Campbell meets Susie Lombardi in a coffee shop, he doesn't expect to sleep with her that night.

He also doesn't expect to fall in love.

But Susie doesn't want a boyfriend. She lives alone in a house full of locked doors and combination safes, unwilling to answer Tyler's questions about her past, or her future.

Susie gives Tyler the usual excuses, intent on crushing his hope of a future together. 

But she doesn't know that when the right guy finds you, he won't give up.

How far is Susie willing to run from love? And how far is Tyler willing to chase her?

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  • contemporary 5
  • college 1
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Safe With Me by Shaina Richmond