French Cooking 101 (Learning Curves #1)

by Olivia Rigal

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French Cooking 101 by Olivia Rigal
A recipe to fall in love in Paris

To boost the activity of her Parisian boutique cooking school, Ariane has organized an intensive weekend workshop for American clients.
The seminar brings together:
George, an author doing research for his next book
Jena and Thomas, a couple on their honeymoon
Charles, a cute upcoming actor featured in a French television show
Mary, a single midwife celebrating her 40th birthday in Paris
Peter, Mary's younger brother

While the newlywed are oblivious to the rest of the world, the mix simmers.
The attraction between George and Mary becomes irresistible.
Charles falls under the charm of one of the school's suppliers, and Peter realizes that Ariane's curves could be just what he needs to shake the ghost of his first love.

Caution: it's hot and a little spicy.

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French Cooking 101 by Olivia Rigal