Kiss Heaven Goodbye

by Tasmina Perry

3.90 · 12 ratings · Published: Jun 1st, 2011  | 

Kiss Heaven Goodbye by Tasmina Perry
From the sugar-white sands of the Bahamas to Australia's Coral Sea; Sunday Times bestseller Tasmina Perry travels the world and turns up the heat in her most spectacular novel yet...On the luxurious private island of Angel Cay, four privileged students toast the end of their exams, but one dark night will change their perfect lives for ever. As the friends move into their glamorous careers - fashion, music, politics - each tries to put the past behind them. But no matter how high their stars climb, they cannot escape the dreadful truth. And when the consequences of that fateful night finally catch up with them, for one of the four, there is a terrible price to be paid...

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Kiss Heaven Goodbye by Tasmina Perry