Master and Student (The Billionaire's Way #2)

by C.T. Sloan

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Master and Student by C.T. Sloan
Sarah Sulamari lied to land a coveted entry level job at a Los Angeles Hedge Fund. When she is caught, the intimidating alpha male billionaire owner decides not to fire her. Instead, he uses the deceptive 20-year old woman for his own devious games.

Now Sarah finds herself at the beckoning call of Mr. Ryan Peak both in the boardroom and in the bedroom. When she is not securing insider information, Sarah must satisfy her massive and muscular six-foot, five-inch man when he so desires.

"You are learning to fast, young Sarah. Are you prepared to lay your life on the line for me?" It's a question that Sarah didn't even have to think about. Yes, the young girl has already tasted the luxury and power of the billionaire's lifestyle. From private jets to a sprawling Malibu mansion, the young girl is ready to risk hell to find heaven on Earth.

This time, Sarah may find herself in over her head. Mr. Peak and Sarah are off to Monaco with their sights set on engineering the overthrow of a violent despot in the former Soviet Bloc nation of Odastan. "It is one thing to control a company, it's another to control an entire country. That is the true cradle power," Mr. Peak lectures his young lover/co-conspirator.

While Mr. Peak negotiates a coup with the military leader of The Republic of Odastan, Sarah must seduce and control the notoriously violent son of the Odastan dictator Sergey Molidak.

"Master & Student" is the second steamy story in "The Billionaire's Way" Trilogy. It's an erotic-romance story of love and power packed with intense unexpected twists.

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  • erotica 5
  • bdsm 5
  • super rich hero 5
  • military 5
  • alpha male 5
  • cruel hero 1
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Master and Student by C.T. Sloan