Spain for the Sovereigns (Isabella and Ferdinand #2)

by Jean Plaidy

3.83 · 6 ratings · Published: Jan 1st, 1960  | 

Spain for the Sovereigns by Jean Plaidy
Married to Ferdinand after numerous fears and disappointments, Isabella triumphs over every danger, convinced of her own destiny. With the might of Portugal humbled, the court of the Sovereigns sees the rise of Torquemada and the establishment of the dreaded Inquisition. It also witnesses the coming of Columbus, who leaves the woman he loves to make a dream reality. Ambitious and unfaithful, Ferdinand longs to lead his troops against the Moorish strongholds. Isabella knows that together they can mould a united Spain and a glorious future, provided that it is just the two of them who share it...

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Spain for the Sovereigns by Jean Plaidy