Regally Blonde (Chick Flick Clique Romantic Comedy #2)

by Heather Horrocks

3.75 · 4 ratings · Published: May 29th, 2012  | 

Regally Blonde by Heather Horrocks
This book is #2 of the popular Chick Flick Clique series.

Former beauty queen, Jamie Summers, has more problems than just world peace to worry about. When Jamie returns to her hometown of Aspen Grove, her mother's Chick Flick Clique friends are exceedingly curious about the state of her relationship with long-time boyfriend, Christopher Ellington. Jamie is curious herself. When Christopher proposes for the third time, she hesitantly accepts. Since he immediately leaves for an extended overseas business trip, she's relieved to have some time to get used to the idea, placing the ring safely beside her tiara and not mentioning it to anyone. New neighbor, David Stevens, has good reason to avoid beautiful women, but when his three-year-old daughter, Sunny, sees Jamie, she's convinced she's her mommy. As he begins to learn more about her, he realizes she's not like his dead wife, and he's glad she's not wearing any man's ring. How did life get so complicated so quickly? Jamie's gone from Miss California to Miss America to Big Mistake. Is she about to lose everyone she's come to care about?

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Regally Blonde by Heather Horrocks