Off the Record (Deadlocks and Daggers #1)

by Goddamnhella

4.50 · 2 ratings · Published: Aug 1st, 2012  | 

Off the Record by Goddamnhella
Words: 96692 Chapters: 16 - Complete
Avengers Fan Fiction: Loki/Tony Stark

It started with a message, a late-night visit, and a God of Mischief in Tony's bed. A story of trust, trickery, unwilling aid and inevitable attraction.

This story takes into account the events and characterisation present in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but was started before The Avengers opened in cinemas. Due to this, no heavy movie references are made. Thus, instead of Stark Tower being a renovated base of operations for the Avengers, they have a separate headquarters.

The continuity could be placed about four years after Loki's attack on Earth. Loki is known to the Avengers by way of his regular plots against Thor.

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  • fantasy 5
  • paranormal 5
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Off the Record by Goddamnhella