An Affair To Forget (Not All Memories Fade #1)

by Sally Moore

4.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Jul 12th, 2012  | 

An Affair To Forget by Sally Moore
For as long as she could remember Serina Delphin had been in love with the suave Richard Parsons and up until now he didn't know she existed. But when Richard finally turns his attention to her it may be too late. Jonathon Masters, Serina's new professor has captivated more than her imagination, he has captured her heart, but at what cost and what is he hiding? Discovering the truth sends Serina fleeing back into Richard's arms, but for how long?
Follow the lives, loves and heartbreak of Serina and Richard in An Affair to Forget, book 1 of Not All Memories Fade.

'An Affair To Forget' is tagged as:

  • suspense 5
  • historical 5
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An Affair To Forget by Sally Moore