How to Date Japanese Idols (Tenshi Series #1)

by Cilia Jaspers

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How to Date Japanese Idols by Cilia Jaspers
How does a sensible teacher at a foreign boarding school end up at a Japanese pop-idol autograph signing with a thousand screaming teenage girls? This is the question Eloise Bromleigh finds herself asking when she ends up in this very situation. Eloise has always struggled to find a home, and teaching abroad has been her path to finding it.

When a beloved student introduces her to the wonders of a Japanese pop band, Eloise is hooked despite herself. When the same students begs her to go to a concert and get something signed, Eloise can’t say no. In the sea of screaming fans, Eloise presents one of the idols with an irresistable opportunity to slow down for a moment.

When she charms him by chance, he grabs the opportunity to seek her out on her own turf. Eloise must struggle against his undeniable appeal to her mind, her heart, and, yes, even her body before he breaks down her defenses and leaves her just another screaming fan girl. His star power takes her to the edge of her world, and Eloise has to decide if she’s willing to jump.

When all a girl wants is a place to call hearth and home, how does she date the light, bright, and sparkling allure of an idol?

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How to Date Japanese Idols by Cilia Jaspers