My Heart Says Yes - Emma & Caleb (The Blakely Sisters #1)

by Ashley Blake

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My Heart Says Yes - Emma & Caleb by Ashley Blake
Time for a change

Emma Blakely has a privileged life back home, but she is ready to shake the dust of her small Wisconsin town off of her feet, and start a new life in Chicago. Self-labeled the 'ugly duckling' in the family, Emma wants to get out from under her beautiful sisters' shadows and reinvent herself. She's about to graduate from college, wants to dump her college boyfriend of almost two years, and move on to the next chapter in her life. Always the older, reliable, chubby sister, Emma wants to start over. She transforms the summer before she moves to Chicago, and arrives as a brand new Emma.

He wasn't part of her plan

Pursuing a career in advertising, she enrolls in portfolio school and decides this will be the year of Emma. Grateful for all that she has, she decides that she wants to give back somehow when she moves to Chicago. She decides to volunteer twice a month and she meets some very special people who touch her heart. Her plan that year is to not even think about guys and just have fun with friends, focus on school and volunteer her time. That's it.
Enter Caleb Morgan; tall, gorgeous, chiseled looks, sexy and rich. Emma never imagined that a man that beautiful would ever look at her once, let alone twice. Always used to getting his way and always with a gorgeous girl around him, Caleb decides that he wants Emma. He turns her world on its head and Emma questions what he is really after, because she is far from the model type he normally goes for. Emma's head is fighting her feelings, but does her heart know better? One thing is for sure, Caleb Morgan was not a part of her plan.

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My Heart Says Yes - Emma & Caleb by Ashley Blake