I Just Can't Stop Loving You

by Imari Jade

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I Just Can't Stop Loving You by Imari Jade
Shaundra Yoshida, an American romance writer, decides to take control of her life after discovering her pop-star husband, Ichiro has cheated on her. With the birth of her babies just weeks away, Shaundra makes a drastic move to put some distance between her and her husband so she can figure out what to do about her future. In the meantime, she’s trying to find a nanny to help her with the twins, and so far no one is brave enough to take on the responsibility of two babies and the Aomori menagerie.

Meanwhile over in Europe, Ichiro and his band mates, Yori, Takumijo, Satoshi, and Kenshin are living it up, gambling, drinking, and getting into a world of trouble. Their manager Masaaki is pulling out his hair and wondering what else can go wrong. He knows he’s got to get Aomori back to Osaka for the birth of Ichiro’s babies without their boss Mr. Niigata finding out about Aomori’s latest arrest. But he’s got enough trouble on his hands trying to keep Ichiro sane until he finds out for sure if he’s the father of Shaundra’s twins or if the honor goes to Shaundra’s boss and oldest friend, Harper Kehoe.

Shaundra’s youngest daughter, Tricia is back and having a heck of a time in New York, keeping up with her Master Degree classes, because Damien Kehoe is trying to put the moves on her. He’s twenty-four, blond, and sexy. But she’s fighting a losing battle trying to get enough credits to graduate while trying to stay out of Damien’s bed.

With all this going on in her life, can Shaundra get it and keep it all together without losing her mind, or will she go ballistic?

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I Just Can't Stop Loving You by Imari Jade