Lies That Bind (The House on Poppin Hill #2)

by Barbara McMahon

3.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Mar 14th, 2006  | 

Lies That Bind by Barbara McMahon
Her foster mother's stroke brings April Jeffries back to Maraville, Mississippi, the town of her youth. It's a place of memories for her, good and bad. Memories that lead her to fulfill a long-standing dream - finding her biological parents. In her quest she enlists the help of Jack Palmer, a journalist recovering from injuries sustained overseas.

As April and Jack work to uncover the mystery of her past, they begin to grow close in ways they hadn't expected. But two failed marriages make her wary of another commitment. Then they discover a shocking secret about her birth parents - a secret that forces Jack and April to reconsider everything. Including their feelings for each other...

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  • contemporary 5
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Lies That Bind by Barbara McMahon