by M.L. Ross

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Wanted by M.L. Ross
18+ adult/explicit sexual content and language

Twenty-one year old Vanessa is ready to take on the world!

After two years of sacrificing her social life to take care of her family while her mother battled cancer, she is now free. Her mother is healthy and the future is bright.

Wanting to live by her mother’s wise words, “live with no regrets!” Vanessa decides it’s time to make some changes in her life.

First, end her six year relationship with James, the car salesman that can’t seem to give her the type of passion she craves.
Second, head into the mountains for Christmas break with her best friend for some much needed girl time.

Third, be home in time to spend Christmas Day with her family.

Only……..she doesn’t make it home.

She remembers the bright lights, the screeching metal and her body being thrown from her car. When she opens her eyes, she expects to find her mangled body in a hospital.

What she doesn’t expect to find?
Being handcuffed….
in a remote cabin……
in the mountains……
About to come face to face with Ryan Jenson, a man who is WANTED.

Vanessa’s life is definitely about to change.

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Wanted by M.L. Ross