Complete Bliss (Her Billionaires #5.3)

by Julia Kent

4.38 · 8 ratings · Published: Sep 13th, 2014  | 

Complete Bliss by Julia Kent
The New York Times bestselling Her Billionaires series AND the Random series continues...

As Laura struggles to understand her relationship with Mike and Dylan, her best friend Josie recommends a surprising ally: Josie's niece, Darla (from the New York Times bestselling Random series). When Laura and Darla meet for lunch at Jeddy's diner and are served by wise-cracking waitress Madge, what was supposed to be a moment of connection for two very unique women turns into a rollicking screwball scene.

Turnabout is fair play: Mike and Dylan meet with Joe and Trevor (also from the Random series) for the least comfortable conversation ever. While all the guys bond and spar, for Mike and Dylan it's like looking back in time...and maybe the past has a few surprises they didn't see coming. It's one thing to feel unique, but it's quite another to feel lonely. The gang learns that being connected means being vulnerable...with unexpected results.

Readers who love Darla, Trevor and Joe from the Random series AND Laura, Mike, Dylan Alex and Josie are in for a treat as everyone meets at Jeddy's Diner and Madge serves up one heck of a lunch...

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Complete Bliss by Julia Kent