L.A. Woman

by Cathy Yardley

3.13 · 8 ratings · Published: Jun 1st, 2002  | 

L.A. Woman by Cathy Yardley
"L.A. Woman" by Cathy Yardley is the story of Sarah Walker, a girl who has done something that is not all that uncommon...moved to a new city for a guy who wasn't worth it. She moves to L.A. and changes her whole life in anticipation of marriage to her business-minded fiance, Benjamin. After continual stalling on Ben's part to join her, Sarah eventually snaps and dumps him. According to her new roommate, Martika, Sarah is in the perfect place to start a new life -- L.A. Before she knows it, Sarah has become Martika's project, getting pulled headlong into a crazy, chaotic world of nightclubs and day jobs, where the only constant is change.

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  • erotica 5
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L.A. Woman by Cathy Yardley