A Wedding To Remember

by Kristen James

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A Wedding To Remember by Kristen James
Every girl dreams of a wedding… Trent knows that, and he wants Molly to have the wedding of a lifetime. She’s the love of his life and means everything to him. They eloped before she lost her memory and disappeared, and then they lost four years, so he wants to make up for that lost time in a huge way. Now that they’re reunited, he wants to celebrate their love in front of their family and friends.

It’s the happiest time of her life… but thinking of a wedding brings up all kinds of emotions. Molly’s not sure how to handle things at first! But not only is Trent there for her, he’s bringing in reinforcements.

A Wedding to Remember follows More Than Memories.



Molly’s eyes swept the dress store, taking in the racks full of billowing gowns. Molly, Alicia, and Karen had already admired the white dresses displayed in the window, although none of those was quite right. They were in the only dress shop in Ridge City, deciding to start in town before visiting shops in surrounding communities.

“Are we waiting for your mother to arrive?” Nancy, the store’s owner, asked politely.

Molly felt the sting of tears in her eyes as the pain hit her heart. She turned away and blinked furiously, hearing the silence of held breath behind her.

“No,” she said, glad to hear her voice hold steady. “She passed away two years ago.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry!”

As Nancy gushed with overplayed sympathy, Molly glanced down at her glittering ring, wondering what her mom would think of all this. There were so many things they wouldn’t get to share.

“Are you okay?” Alicia asked, suddenly beside Molly, her voice soft and full of concern. Her expression matched her voice. Alicia’s entire personality matched that sweet voice, actually.

Molly nodded and tried for a smile. “Everyone warns you,” she said with a forced laugh, “but you don’t expect yourself to get so emotional.”

“With a pregnancy? And planning a wedding?” Alicia slid her arm around Molly and pulled her close. “We’re in this together, ‘kay?”

Molly stayed in her embrace, her chin on Alicia’s shoulder. It felt so good to have friends around.

“We could invite Mom to this,” Alicia said. “It’s not the same as having your own mom here, I know, but she loves you. She’s so happy for you and Trent.”

Why hadn’t she thought of that? Molly quickly pulled out her phone and called her mother-in-law, who answered on the second ring.

“Oh good, you’re home,” Molly said. “We just arrived at the dress shop. Would you like to come down and look at dresses with me?”

“Oh!” Brenda squealed. “I would absolutely love to. I’ll be right there.”

Kristen James writes romance, romantic suspense and women's fiction, often featuring the beauty of Oregon's mountains, rivers and coastline. Her novellas include A Spy for Christmas and A Special Ops Christmas. Her full length novels include Point Hope, A Cowboy for Christmas, More Than Memories, Embers of Hope and More Than a Promise.

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A Wedding To Remember by Kristen James