Layers (Layers #1)

by T.L. Alexander

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Layers by T.L. Alexander
Hi. My name is Alexia, and this is my story. I’m not your typical girl—so this isn’t your typical…virginal girl goes to college, (or whatever) meets and falls for the hot, alpha, kinky, bazillionaire. Then after a lot of hot sex (one hundred thousand orgasms) they get married and live happily-ever-after, in a mansion with his and her playrooms.

Now don’t get your grannie panties in a twist. All’s not lost. There is a hot guy—lots of hot guys. And my guy—yeah, he’s hot. He takes my breath away. And the sex…Oh my! But the happily-ever-after part, well…

So, girlfriends (and guys) if you want to laugh out-loud—say ‘what the’ a lot, and maybe shed a tear or two. Then come along for the ride. Because, OMG what a ride it is!

Author note: This book has adult language and adults doing adult stuff.

Part 1 of 2. Book 2 More Layer 2014.

The Girl
Alexia Keith has issues and the last thing see needs is the CEO of Ryan Acquisitions messing with her issues.

Her boss is hot. Okay he's real hot but he's off limits. She can look but she must never touch—never.

But like all things in her life it becomes complicated. She finds Mr. Ryan 'hard'…and even harder to resist.

The Guy
Jaxson Ryan thinks he has everything—looks, wealth, job,—the junk.

But that everything turns into a not so everything the minute he meets her—Alexia Keith.

His new risk manager takes his breath away, ties up his tongue and make his…

He wants her and is going to have her—no one has ever turned down this CEO—ever.

It will be a piece of cake—a walk in the park. Right?

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Layers by T.L. Alexander