Emily Windsnap and the Land of the Midnight Sun (Emily Windsnap #5)

Liz Kessler

Rated: 4.29 of 5 stars
4.29 ·
[?] · 12 ratings · Published: 11 Mar 2014

Emily Windsnap and the Land of the Midnight Sun by Liz Kessler
The New York Times best-selling series continues with the half-mermaid embarking on an icy and perilous journey to the Land of the Midnight Sun.

Strange storms are blowing up from the ocean, caused by the nightmares of Neptune, King of the Sea. Convinced that his dreams herald an approaching threat, Neptune enlists half-mermaids Emily Windsnap and Aaron for a top-secret mission to find and eliminate the source of the trouble. But Emily and Aaron quickly get in over their heads in the frigid waters of the frozen north. Deep within an alpine lake where magical reflections show what could be rather than what is, the two discover a trove of stolen memories and Neptune’s darkest secret. Double-crosses and double-takes abound in Liz Kessler’s fifth magical mermaid adventure.
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